Business Overview

Guillermina is a mother and micro-entrepreneur. that lives in the community of Rio Pavo in Panama. She has been selling different good to help her family during the current situation caused by Covid-19.

Walkiria Miranda - Rio Pavo-Torti, Panamá

Economic Challenge

For the past five months, Panama has been under strict quarantine rules to avoid the increase of Covid-19 cases, which affected the economy and small businesses tremendously. Now that everything is going slowly back to normal, all the micro-enterprises are looking for tools to survive in these new circumstances.

The Business

Walkiria is a micro-entrepreneur and a mother. She has been living in the community of Rio Pavo for 22 years, located in eastern Panama, all her life.

She has different businesses; one is run only by herself in which she sells different goods. And the second one is a chicken coop.


Competitive Advantage

She is one of the few only community members that sell different goods around the community.



Wlakiria doesn’t know how to manage her business. She wants to know how to do pricing properly, to be able to do the accounting, and learn anything necessary that will help her to take her business to the next level.

Walkiria dreams of having her store and an internet cafe that can benefit her community.

Next Steps

The tasks thatWalkiria Miranda has prioritized are:

1: Develop a more substantial business structure
2: Learn a bookkeeping method.
3: Find ways of improvement for her business.


1: Develop a business structure
2: Develop a book keeping method
3: Find ways to improve her business

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