Business Overview

Unilda is a mother of 3 and micro-entrepreneur. that lives in the community of Yavisa in Panama. She has been selling chickens to provide a steady income for her family during the current situation caused by Covid-19.

Unilda Peña - Yavisa-Darien, Panamá

Economic Challenge

For the past five months, Panama has been under strict quarantine rules to avoid the increase of Covid-19 cases, which affected the economy and small businesses tremendously. But even during this adversity, some micro-entrepreneurs decided to change and create new income sources to survive during this time. Now that everything is going slowly back to normal, all the micro-enterprises are looking for tools to survive in these new circumstances. This is the case of Unilda.

The Business

Unilda has been living in the community of Yaviza, located in the Darien province, for about 27 years. She is a mother of 3, a business owner, and a community bank member.

She has a chicken business in which she raises and sells the chickens; Unilda has been running this business for 3 months now.

Competitive Advantage

Unknown, needs to find out.


-Don’t know that much about the business
-Does not have a specific selling process
-Don’t have record of sales and expenses

Next Steps

The tasks thatUnilda Peña has prioritized are:

1: Develop a sales strategy
2: Develop a bookkeeping method
3: Develop a business plan for the future.

1: Develop a sales strategy
2: Develop a bookkeeping method
3: Create a business plan

Page Last Updated:December 18, 2020