Business Overview

Nikos and Giorgos moved from Albania to Greece during teenagehood. Their families made this decision to escape the financial and political turmoil in their home country, as well as to improve the quality of life of their children. Tarzan Cafe Bar was a dream coming true for both of the two optimistic entrepreneurs, Giorgos and Nikos. The Café Bar which is located in the center of Athens opened in March 2021. Operating as business owners and having put tons of personal work on Tarzan, they want to see it being viable and profitable in the near future by making it a meeting point for both locals and tourists.

Tarzan Cafe Bar - Athens, Greece

The Business

Nikos and Giorgos grew up in a small town in central Albania and they moved to Greece when they were teenagers. The two childhood friends’ families decided to flee their home country due to the financial situation and the political turmoil that they had come across in Albania. Their aim was to seek better prospects for themselves and their children in Greece.

After going through several different jobs, the young childhood friends managed to make their dream come true. In March 2021, Giorgos and Nikos opened the Tarzan Café Bar in the center of Athens at Thision Area. Tarzan is a unique bar that offers quality coffee, drinks, and music, and they soon hope to see it turning into a meeting point for both locals and tourists. Both of them have worked hard on creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere for every guest.

Despite the fact that their vision for Tarzan is very clear, Nikos and Giorgos acknowledge that it is their first time as business owners. They have put tons of personal work into their Café Bar and, in the near future, they want to see it prosper as a viable and, hopefully, profitable business.

Competitive Advantage

The main competitive advantage is the regular clientele that keeps coming back to this “urban jungle”! The customers get to enjoy the best music, coffee, and drinks offered by friendly and knowledgeable staff. The unique, homely atmosphere is what makes Tarzan stand out from the rest of the bars and coffee shops in the area.

Business Snapshot

Year of Establishment

Next Steps

The tasks thatTarzan Cafe Bar has prioritized are:

1: Organize financial records and reports
2: Operate the indoor space during winter
3: Add a short food menu

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