Business Overview

Virginia Pérez is 46 years old and she dedicates herself to a wide range of economic activities. She is also an active member of the community bank.

Virginia sells tortillas, tamales, artisan work (sombreros) and others. Her main economic activity is her chicken coop, which she has dedicated her most efforts for during the last 10 years. She started with a budget of 300 dollars provided by a government program named ¨Red de Oportunidades¨, with those funds she received, she bought, medicine and food for her chickens. Currenly, she buys 50 chicken per month and breeds them until they are ready to be sold, a cycle that takes about 3 months from the time the chicken are bought until they are put in the market.

This is not the first time Virginia has received a brigade, in 2015, she learned how to keep records of her chicken coop, but she needs to reinforce those concepts as she has forgotten what she has learned. She believes she needs to learn more about book-keeping.

Virgina Perez's Chicken Coop - Canglon, Panama

Economic Challenge

The main challenges for Virginia are competition and her limited knowledge of business management.

Business Solution

The Business

With the help of Business Brigades Virginia is able to continuously improve her financial literacy as well as learn ways she can make herself an stronger competitor in the marketplace.

Additionally, with Global Brigades support Canglón established community bank in early 2015. With the opening of the community bank, community members have access to credit for the first time, and access to a savings account for the first time. Virginia Perez began raising and selling chickens in 2011 as a means to provide an income for her family.

Next Steps

The tasks thatVirgina Perez's Chicken Coop has prioritized are:

1: Improve marketing
2: Improve inadequate facilities
3: Improve consistency in production and sales

Business Brigades that have consulted this business:

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# of Volunteers
University of San Diego/ London School of Economics
June 2019

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