Business Overview

Yadira is a talented businesswomen that has been operating a kiosk in the community of Pueblo Nuevo for 8 years and was the first to establish a successful store in Pueblo Nuevo. She is always looking for ways to maximise her sales and improve the way she manages the store.

Yadira's Kiosk - Pueblo Nuevo, Panamá

Economic Challenge

Yadira has received her Kiva loan, and used it to buy equipment and more inventory and is in the process of paying it back. However, the business has taken financial burdens because of the high cost of Fatima’s medical care. Fatima is Yadira’s 12 year old step daughter and she is sick with pulmonary cystic fibrosis. Yadira wants to increase the profitability of the store by increasing the variety and adding more storage, especially since raising prices is not an option as the distributor sets the selling price.

The Business

Yadira has a vision to open a restaurant at her other home. Opening a new restaurant could bring in even more business and she is able to obtain assistance by applying for a new Kiva loan. Her and her husband currently live 3 minutes away in a nearby community. 

Competitive Advantage

Yadira has built up El Luchador, the first general store in Pueblo Nuevo, into a successful business and been running it for over 8 years, making her extremely knowledgable. The store sells a wide range of products from sodas and meats to hygiene products and cleaning supplies. 


At the moment, the major challenges Yadira is facing is that she is still paying off her loan and has to be away to take care of her step daughter in Panama City and her father is not very knowledgeable of the kiosk.

Business Snapshot

Inventory Value

Next Steps

The tasks thatYadira's Kiosk has prioritized are:

1: Focus on helping find ways to keep track of her sales (daily ledger)
2: Improving tracking of inventory

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