Business Overview

Liscanio’s Farm is a an agricultural venture of 1 hectare which is starting up once more through a KIVA loan. Liscanio used to be on the top platain and yuca producers but he went on to retire and is currently looking to gain this reputation once more in his community, Pueblo Nuevo.

Liscanio's Farm - Pueblo Nuevo, Panamá

Economic Challenge

Liscanio Doviama is an active member in the community of Pueblo Nuevo which has an agricultural venture of 1 hectare in which he is able to cultivate plantain. He is currently a recepient of a KIVA loan he has become one of the top producers of plantain and yuca in the community of Pueblo Nuevo. As of a couple years ago, Licanio decided to retire from farming and bought a vehicle. He decided to start buying and reselling the products of other producers. His current KIVA loan is aimed to help him start producing his own products again so he’s able to sell his own products and also resell the ones in the community.

The Business

Previous brigades have discussed how to invest properly, and handle expenses, general finances, and he also received an accounting book to use as a daily ledger and register all the money movement that involves the plantain business. Nevertheless, now that he has received a KIVA loan of $1,500 he would like help on managing those funds and learning how to best budget.

Competitive Advantage

Liscanio has three business partners that he is working with in the plantain production and he also hires someone to clear the land three times a year, which help minimise the labour and allots him more time to manage his finances.


At the moment Liscanio has no plans of expanding business which limits his income and also does not keep a clear track of his inventory.

Business Snapshot

Annual Revenue
Gross Profit

Next Steps

The tasks thatLiscanio's Farm has prioritized are:

1: Training on how to budget.
2: Training on investment.

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