Business Overview

Located in the community of el Peñon, in the Comarca Ngobe-Buglé, Pro-Artesanas is a group of artisan women affiliated with the local non-profit, Nutre Hogar. This initiative looks to train local indigenous women and provide them with a source of financial independence.

Pro-Artesanas - El Peñón, Panamá

Economic Challenge

This is a group of incredibly inspiring women that are very knowledgeable about their business activity and are continuously looking for opportunities to learn and grow as women entrepreneurs. Otilia González, the president of the artisan group is a strong leader that is interested in receiving her very first business brigade and learn more about teamwork and inventory management. Many of the women are often discouraged and unmotivated due to competition in the market place and the large amount of work they often have.

The Business

Pro Artesanas of El Peñón is an organised group of artisan women supported by Nutre Hogar, a local NGO that works in the Comarca Ngäbe Buglé. This group is composed of 12 women that sew artisan goods, particularly baby clothes, blankets, and table sets. The receive specific orders that are requested from people in the City or that stores have asked for; these goods are then sold in stores in Panama City and other locations where Nutre Hogar has enabled markets for artisans from El Peñón to sell.

Competitive Advantage

This group of women is incredibly dilligent with their work and deliver the products responsibly and in a timely manner. The produce extremely detailed, and high quality work.


Some of the challenges this group of women face is difficulty accessing raw material, due to the availability in the markets, occasionally the specific colours they are requested are not easy to find. In addition, access new markets where they can sell their products is an obstacle. Finally, some people in the team are not very responsible and there are risks of delays, thus failing to be compliant with the buyers.

Next Steps

The tasks thatPro-Artesanas has prioritized are:

1: Motivate the group by doing a workshop on team work - goal setting
2: Inventory management training

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