Business Overview

Fonda Ratchita is a restaurant run by Eulalia Camaño, a member of the community bank of el Balé, which has been running for ten years selling fantastic home cooked food. Her fonda is the only one in the whole community giving her a great advantage.

Fonda Ratchita - Eulalia Camaño - El Balé, Panamá

Economic Challenge

Fonda Ratchita is the sole restaurant found in El Balé, it was founded over 10 years ago by Eulalia Camaño, a hardworking member of the community bank of El Balé. Fonda Ratchita offers breakfast and lunch to visitors of the area, school teachers and students. At the moment, Eulalia has received some training on business management by a CSR program from a commercial bank, yet is eager to learn more about ways in which she could improve her business as she continues to struggle with client retention and decreased sales.


The Business

The community of el Balé has not received a Business Brigade prior and Eulalia is excited to receive a brigade to gain business marketing knowledge and grow so that she can increase her restaurants business. One of the key things she considers that could be improved is her restaurant’s marketing plan, because at the moment she does not have any and she feels that she is losing clients due to lack of a concrete strategy.

Competitive Advantage

It is the only restaurant in the community and the food is both delicious and well priced, ranging from $3-3.5!


Eulalia does not know how to maintain a daily ledger. She believes that sometimes there is more than 1 week without a sale in the restaurant, which discourages her to do bookkeeping. At the moment she lacks a marketing strategy, and has both low sales and clientele, which makes the business difficult to sustain.



Business Snapshot

Initial Investment
Annual Revenue

Next Steps

The tasks thatFonda Ratchita - Eulalia Camaño has prioritized are:

1: Develop a marketing strategy
2: Diversify products/meals offered

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