Business Overview

Mi Bendicion is a family-run kiosk that has operated in Piriati for almost ten years by Guillermo Chongo and Noris Ortega. The store is open every day from 6 am to 9 pm  and is located adjacent to the local school. Mi Bendicion, has a diverse inventory of over 300 products and also has the only photocopier in the community.

Kiosk Mi Bendición - Piriatí, Panamá

Economic Challenge

The community of Piriati is located in the east of Panama, right off the main road, and has a population of approximately 1,000 people. Guillermo and Noris started the kiosk Mi Bendición in 2010, and have since then had a booming business with large quantities of customers. Due to this, they are often times extremely busy and find it difficult to have a daily ledger and track their inventory. Furthermore, the long hours in which they operate with no employees makes this task even more difficult. Noris and Guillermo are looking to expand their business as they continue to grow and learn to manage records more appropriately.

The Business

Previous brigades have recommended expansion to an outdoor seating area, maintaining a daily ledger and keeping a regular track of inventory in order to make more informed purchases. In addition, Mi Bendición was recommended a savings plan for future store expansion, and to hire at least one employee.

Competitive Advantage

Mi Bendición is located in optimal real estate, adjacent to the local school, which ensures a large quantity of customers, and the owners have a great relationship with their providers, ensuring a consistent flow of products. Not only does the kiosk offer a large quantity of products, over 300 types, but they also are able to provide the only photocopier service in the community, and are thus able to supply a unique and coveted service.


The kiosk often stuggles as it is open long hours, and besides Guillermo and Noris, there are no other employees to help run the business. In addition, the owners lack awareness of competition and market prices, and do not keep a daily ledger despite the large amount of weekly sales. Finally, Mi Bendición, requires structural improvements for optimum product placement and expansion.

Advice for Future Brigades:

  • We have encouraged Noris and Guillermo to keep a daily ledger/inventory, but are skeptical they will follow through. Please
    encourage them to dutifully keep good records.
  • Guillermo is sometimes reluctant to disclose the family’s financial information, so tread carefully.
  • Their computer now houses a few Excel/Word documents: a detailed inventory with product quantity and price (as of 3/16/16), a daily ledger form, and a list of our final recommendations.

Business Snapshot

Gross Profit

Next Steps

The tasks thatKiosk Mi Bendición has prioritized are:

1: Gather additional information on her cost of sales and business expenses
2: Training on pricing
3: Training on inventory management

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