Business Overview

The Finca Ecoturistica Werãrã Crincha is a sustainable agriculture model farm focused on showcasing the diverse produce of the region and educate tourists on sustainable agriculture practices.

Finca Werara Crincha - Ipeti Embera, Panama

Economic Challenge

Initially, Finca Ecoturistica Werãrã Crincha was established as a model farm, serving as an example of permaculture in a region where monoculture has historically put a strain on natural resources. In March of 2017, in order to capitalize on the diverse products and sustainable practices implemented on the farm, the Environmental Committee of Ipeti Embera developed an ecotourism strategy with the assistance of Business Brigade volunteers. The Finca currently grows a variety of produce, including plantain, achiote, cassava, sugar cane and pepper, as well as tilapia and chicken.

  • Business Owner(s):  Environmental Committee of Ipeti Embera (President Bonifacio Flaco, Treasurer Jacinto)
  • Date Established:  November 15, 2014
  • Community Members Involved: 13

Economic Challenge

  • The membership of the Environmental Committee that oversees the operation of the Finca lacks formal business management training, including bookkeeping
  • Vandals have caused damage to the property in the past
  • A lack of proper equipment has made certain projects difficult to develop the land

Business Solution

The Business

Despite the lack of formal training, the Environmental Committee members are enthusiastic and dedicated to expanding the scope of the Finca.

Economic Solution

  • Implementing new sustainable agricultural technology and practices, including solar dehydration and aquaponics
  • Proximity to the river has left the lot in a highly fertile state, allowing for an expansion of the agricultural products on the Finca
  • Developing a rural marketing and social media strategy to help connect the Finca to tourists and students

Next Steps

The Environmental Committee is interested in pursuing the following developments going forward

1: Diversify farm by planting new crops
2: Research additional sustainable agriculture technologies
3: Expand social media presence to reach tourists and students

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