Business Overview

Mrs. García crafts “cebaderas” which are saddlebags for people to carry their groceries while on horseback. She is also the treasurer of the Community Bank in Ipeti Colono and is looking for new sources of income for her and her family. She has recently taken out a loan from the Community Bank to begin a chicken raising business venture.

Mrs. Garcia's Chicken and Cebaderas- Ipeti Colono, Panama

Economic Challenge

Mrs García has been handcrafting cebaderas for a long time for sale within her community. There is a high demand which she has not yet been able to keep up with due to her time and resource constraints, but as a member of the Community Bank she has access to credit to begin investing in the expansion of this form of income as well as beginning to produce artisan chickens. 

  • Business Owner(s): Mrs. Nervis García
  • Community Members Involved: 2  (Nervis García, Luis Bultrón)

Economic Challenge

  • She does not have much experience with managing business expenses and finances
  • She has not developed a business plan for her new venture
  • No experience with chickens
  • Very limited time to create the crafts

Business Solution

The Business

Mrs. García is one of the founding members of the Community Bank in Ipeti Colono and is currently the treasurer. As a member of the Community Bank, she is able to grow her savings and take out a loan to support her business. is a member of the community bank and has a savings account that he can use to support his business.

She also has these strengths:

  • Mrs. García’s cebaderas

    An existing relationship with buyers and demand in the area for her cebaderas

  • A strong motivation to invest in her business

Next Steps

1: Develop a business plan to include marketing her products
2: Business administration and bookkeeping training
3: Chicken raising and maintenance training

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