Business Overview

Biodelda is a long-time seamstress who learned the skill from her grandmother. She creates traditional Panamanian dresses common for special occasions.

Biodelda's Designs- Ipeti Colono, Panama

Economic Challenge

Biodelda custom tailors dresses for special occasions for community members in Ipeti Colono. To take her business to the next step, she has begun tracking her costs and revenue and she created a sign outside her home to advertise her business.

  • Business Owner(s): Biodelda Rodriguez
  • Community Members Involved: 2  ( Biodelda Rodriguez,  Belkins Moreno)

Economic Challenge

  • Unstable demand for dresses and blouses
  • Intense competition for school uniforms’ skirts
  • Lack of inventory tracking system
  • All the fabrics and textile suppliers are only found in Panama city
  • Lack of financial literacy hinders her business potential.

Business Solution

The Business

  • Biodelda was taught this art by her grandmother and it is a skill that she feels passionate about
  • She is the only costurera in the region that knows how to make traditional Panamanian dresses
  • She is really well-known for the quality of her fashion design.
  • She has a variety of products offered and can tailor-make anything to a customer’s specifications

Next Steps

1: Create an inventory system
2: Business administration and bookkeeping
3: Create a product catalogue to better understand a breakdown of costs

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