Business Overview

Danilo Garivaldo, a member of the Ibedi Guna Community Bank established Kiosco Alexi to provide local shoppers with better access to essentials, snacks, and beverages while using tools developed in collaboration with business brigade volunteers.

Kiosco Alexi- Ibedi Guna, Panama

Economic Challenge

Although Kioscos, small shops with basic products, are quite common in Ibedi Guna and the surrounding communities, Danilo Garivaldo hopes to set his shop apart by working with Business Brigade volunteers to develop a stronger business strategy, improving his bookkeeping skills, and keeping better track on inventory. As a Community Bank member, Danilo has been able to take our three loans, including one to make direct improvements to his business. Long-term, Danilo hopes that he can create a strong, sustainable business that can be passed on to his children.

  • Business Owner(s): Danilo Garivaldo
  • Date Established: 
  • Community Members Involved:  3 (Danilo Garivaldo, Hermelina Garivaldo, Alexis Perez)

Economic Challenge

  • Having only completed his primary education, Danilo requires training on bookkeeping and inventory tracking
  • Kiosco Alexi faces competition from several other small shops in Ibedi Guna and surrounding communities
  • No long-term strategies to measure success and ensure sustainability

Business Solution

The Business

Danilo is a member of the Ibedi Guna Community Bank and is in good standing, meaning that he has the option to take out loans in order to develop his business. By developing a long-term business strategy, Danilo can hopefully make specific investments in order to improve his marketing and supply.


Next Steps

Danilo would like to receive some sort of training on topics such as:

1: Simple bookkeeping tools
2: Inventory management
3: Strategic planning

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