Business Overview

Etimilda Diaz is a proud member of the Community Bank since its inception. Right next to the bank office, she manages a kiosk that sells various items such as chicken, snacks, and sodas. Currently, most items for the store are brought in from an outside distributor.

Kiosko La Fula - Ibedi Guna, Panama

Economic Challenge

Etilmida Diaz is a member of the community of Ibedi Guna, near Torti, in East Panama. She has been with the community bank since it began one year ago and has been to all meetings. Etilmida was born and raised in the community and currently lives with her mother. She has no children and is the only working member of her household. Her main objective and motivation is to improve her life and save more money. 

  • Business Owner(s):  Etimilda Dia
  • Date Established:  2015
  • Community Members Involved:  (3)  Etilmida Diaz, Ismael Diaz, Deniberto Lopez

Economic Challenge

  • No banner in front of her kiosk to advertise her kiosk
  • No tracking of any of her inventory and does not keep track of her finances.
  • Neighboring competition in the community.
  • She has low-level education, finished up to 9th grade.

Business Solution

The Business

After two years of operation, Etimilda has gotten into the swing of things but imagines a lot of potential to improve profits and performance of the kiosk.

  • Her store is located right next to the community bank, which puts it in a strategic location.
  • Shows a lot of motivation to absorb all the knowledge the brigade can give her.
  • Her highest-selling items are chicken, soda, cookies and candy

Next Steps

Etimilda has also expressed great interest in learning how to keep track of her inventory and start bookkeeping her finances. She has experience taking loans out and has never been late on a payment.


1: Develop a marketing strategy
2: Business administration and bookkeeping
3: Inventory management
4: Create a sign to advertise the kiosk's products

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