Business Overview

Pulperia Zulema was founded in 2000 by Mrs. Zulema and now has grown to be one of the largest pulperias in the area. Mrs. Zulma has garnered significant experience and skill throughout her time as a manager of her own business. So much so that she now has the opportunity to expand her operations by investing in other assets that will improve her business, such as a freezer. These advancements in her business are completely fueled by the increase in sales the pulperia has experienced, and therefore displaying the immense success Mrs. Zulema has achieved.

Pulperia Zulema - Guayacan, Honduras

Economic Challenge

The following are the economic challenges:

  1. Fluctuating Community Population: The main economic challenge Pulperia Zulema faces is the volatility in Guayacan’s population. Over the past couple of years to the community has displayed a decrease in population size. This is due to the influx in community members deciding to move to other neighboring communities or even to other countries such as the United States of America and Spain.
  2. Climate Change: Climate change is a major overarching challenge that disproportionately affects small business owners whose microenterprises relies on agricultural products. With increasing temperature and decrease in annual rainfall; there is a shortage of production in basic grains that circulate the communities like corn and beans which causes an increase in pricing and therefore less consumption.

The Business

Pulperia Zulema has been a staple microenterprise in the community of Guayacan for nearly 20 years now. The operation has proven to be quite prosperous specifically displayed in its longevity and popularity amongst community members. However, Mrs. Zulema is currently running her business alone without assistance from other employees. This, in return, creates scheduling difficulties as she tries to keep up with the responsibilities of both her family and business. Therefore, Mrs. Zulema would benefit greatly from a business brigade that could provide her with more education and practical tools to help glean more opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Competitive Advantage

Pulperia Zulema possess many competitive advantages that have contributed to its success in the community of Guayacan, such as its products, longevity, and overall size. In delving deeper into Mrs. Zulema’s business, we find that her products are of high quality meaning baked goods are always fresh and can be bought at an affordable rate. Additionally, her pulperia is rather large in size and therefore houses a variety of products that are in high-demand within the community. Finally, the life-span of Pulperia Zulema is a major advantage. For nearly 20 years, Mrs. Zulema has been able to determine the correct pricing and type of products community members need. She has built a strong reputation of be a reputable seller and reliable pulperia which has gained her good favor in the community. Community members have grown up utilizing her store and therefore trust her as well as her business. Due to her immense success and positive revenue stream, she soon plans to purchase a freezer which will allow her to expand her product line.


Despite many strengths of her business, Mrs. Zulema is facing the dilemma of, who will inherit her business? She is a single mother and does not feel her oldest son of 15 years is ready to assume the business, due to his young age and her desire to keep him in school. Ultimately, Mrs. Zulema must pass on her trade to a person willing to fully commit to the pulperia and invest in its success, just as she had. 

Next Steps

The tasks thatPulperia Zulema has prioritized are:

1: Buy a Second Freezer
2: Find a Business Successor

Page Last Updated:February 25, 2020