Business Overview

The people of Encuentros de San Gabriel started a Chair & Table Rental business to meet local demand and infuse income into the community.

Chair & Table Rental - Encuentros de San Gabriel, Nicaragua

Economic Challenge

Stable income is difficult to achieve in Encuentros de San Gabriel. Like many communities in the region, they are affected by recent droughts that have significantly impacted agricultural production. As most community members work as day laborers that do not have their own land for production, consistent work is often not available.

Business Solution

The Business

To diversify the economic acivity in the community, members of Encuentros of San Gabriel have started a Chair and Table Rental businesses to meet local demand for events like weddings, graduations, birthdays, trainings, etc. Before starting the business, the closest available service for these events was in Jinotega, over 15 kilometers away, driving up costs due to transportation. The business will serve Encuentros de San Gabriel and various surrounding communities.

Next Steps

1: Purchase 100 charis and 4 tables to start

Page Last Updated:October 23, 2017