Business Overview

The community members of El Salto will produce corn and cashews on land rented by the community collectively.

Community Corn and Cashew Farm - El Salto, Nicaragua

Economic Challenge

El Salto is located in the dry region of Nicaragua and is being seriously affected by drought. Production of beans and corn, the communty’s two principal crops has decreased in recent years, to the point where children in the community rely on a government food program to eat at school. Individual farmers are forced to rent land outside the community where there is slightly more access to water for irrigation, however, paying rent individually is an obstacle to securing sufficient income for their families.

Business Solution

The Business

With the support of Global Brigades the community of El Salto is collecting investing in the rental of 10 manzanas of farmable land to plant corn. With access to irrigation, they will be able to produce and sell sufficient corn to reinvest funds into further corn farming, plus the addition of cashew trees to be planted on the land.

Next Steps

1: Identify land to rent
2: Get quotes for materials and seed for upcoming season

Page Last Updated:October 23, 2017