Business Overview

Due to drought and the lack of jobs, the community of El Naranjo established a chicken farm in 2016.

Chicken Farm - El Naranjo, Nicaragua

Economic Challenge

Work is difficult to come by in El Naranjo where under a third of the population have jobs. The vast majority of men above 15 years old are farmers and plant corn and beans for sustenance and sale if the harvest suffices. Some families have cattle and produce milk. Businesses are limited but there are a few small convenient stores. Located in the dry region of Nicaragua, recent droughts have significantly impacted agricultural production forcing some people out of the community to find better land to farm or out of the country to look for work.

Business Solution

The Business

In 2016, with the support of Global Brigades, the first business project in Nicaragua was started. The business is a chicken production farm in El Naranjo.

Next Steps

1: Produce their own chicken feed to lower costs

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