Business Overview

The people of El Hatillo have started a lime orchard to sell the fruit to local supermarkets and diversify their community’s economy.

Lime Orchard - El Hatillo, Nicaragua

Economic Challenge

While almost 2/3 of the population of El Hatillo is economically active, finding consistent work and income is a challenge for community members. Families grow corn and beans in the community, and have started planting sorghum in response to severe drought in the region recently. While some work can be found throughout the year working other’s land or harvesting coffee seasonally, there is little business activity within the community itself.

Business Solution

The Business

With the support of Global Brigades, a new Cooperative was established in El Hatillo, facilitating the start-up of the new community business, a lime orchard. Twenty-six families have invested in the purchase of lime trees to be planted in the community. In collaboration with the Cooperative, limes will be harvested and packaged for sale in local supermarkets. In addition, the group is undertaking a reforestation initiative to battle drought conditions in the community.

Next Steps

1: Plant lime trees
2: Create irrigation system with recycled bottles

Page Last Updated:October 23, 2017