Business Overview

To serve the market for cultural events in the region, the community of Ekumfi Egyankwa started a Chair and Canopy Rental business in May 2013.

Chair & Canopy Rental - Ekumfi Egyankwa, Ghana

Economic Challenge

In Ghana and specifically the Ekumfi district, festivals, wedding ceremonies, outdooring and funerals play a key role in the culture of the people. These cultural activities require a space and basic shade and seating like similar events around the world. Obtaining simple things like seats and canopies was difficult and expensive in the region.

Business Solution

The Business

In May 2013 with Global Brigades support the community of Ekumfi Egyankwa was able to establish a Chair & Canopy Rental business. The rental business has two basic departments – marketing and finance. The marketing team handles all advertisement and promotion of the business. They serve as the front-runners in the customer relationship management process. The finance manager is in charge of the finances of the business. The business is doing incredibly well since they have grown the business from only three (3) canopies and chairs to eleven (11) canopies.

Next Steps

1: Expand services based on customer demands
2: Explore chair and mattress rentals

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