Business Overview

Carolina Platero is starting a small business that produces chicken to be sold in local stores. She currently has no form of income but is excited to get her business off the ground and turn it into a full-time occupation.

Platero's Chicken Venture- Curtí, Panama

Economic Challenge

This entrepreneurial lady wants to improve the community’s access to meat and protein, of which she feels has a large potential for growth in this market. She has been a part of the community bank for one year, but she is currently not working and has no income. Mrs. Platero’s husband supports the family through the sale of agricultural products in the local market. 

  • Business Owner(s):  Carolina Platero
  • Date Established:  2017
  • Community Members Involved: 2, Carolina and also her husband, Luis Samana

Economic Challenge

  • Many people in the community already sell chickens
  • She is not accustomed to tracking sales performance 
  • She does not have a marketing plan for her business.

Business Solution

The Business

She has recently built a chicken coop and has prior experience with artisan chickens, but is now ready to start selling regular chicken. The chicken coop can hold up to 50 chickens with proper, regular care.

  • She has been a member of the Community Bank for about a year
  • She already has some experience in the raising and selling of chickens
  • There are many kiosks and clients in close proximity that can be potential customers
  • She is very enthusiastic about this new business venture and wants to make it full-time

Next Steps

Carolina would like to receive some sort of training and consulting on the following topics

1: Marketing
2: Business administration and bookkeeping
3: Profit Improvement

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