Business Overview

Luis Samaná is an outstanding entrepreneur from Curtí who produces and sells agricultural products in his community along the side of the Panamerican highway.

Luis Samaná Produce Stand - Curtí, Panama

Economic Challenge

Luis Samaná is an outstanding local entrepreneur from Curtí who produces and sells agricultural products in his community. Following his family tradition, he has dedicated most of his life to the sale of agricultural goods. He has worked in many areas of agriculture– from clearing land to planting to the commercialization process in the Eastern Panama region. Luis is very passionate about his business and he has a lot of dreams on how to expand it and make it grow. Regardless, he has been limited to take concrete steps due to lack of business knowledge and access to credit from commercial banks.


Business Solution

Competitive Advantage

One of the main competitive advantages of Luis Samana’s stand is that he is by the main road and he works in partnership with his father and brother who also have a stand next to him. They usually power together and agree on competitive market prices. Additionally, his stand is one of the first ones from the East side towards Panama City, which is a prime location compared to other stands.


The first obstacle is access to credit (for which he is considering joining the community bank) and highly volatile prices for agriculture in Panama. Luis also knows that it is challenging for people that drive by the highway to know what is being sold in his stand and he loses a lot of clients because of that. He has experience in selling his agriculture goods but he lacks a marketing strategy to attract clients and increase his sales. He would like to learn about marketing and develop a marketing strategy for his stand.

Next Steps

The tasks thatLuis Samaná Produce Stand has prioritized are:

1: Conduct a business assessment (SWOT analysis)
2: Create a marketing plan and sales plan
3: Post-brigade, conduct a business follow up to define the next steps

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