Business Overview

In addition to taking on a leadership role in Canglon as the Secretary of the Community bank, Maria Guillermina is working on growing her chicken venture.

Guillermina Chicken Venture - Canglon, Panama

Economic Challenge

Maria does not have any formal training in business development or management. Despite this, she has already constructed a 200-chick capacity chicken coop, producing plenty for consumption within her own household, as well as to sell to local kiosks and restaurants. Maria is hoping to expand her coop with a loan from the community bank so that she can better meet the demand of the local market

  • Business Owner(s): Maria Guillermina
  • Date Established:  N/A
  • Community Members Involved:  1

Economic Challenge

  • Maria’s main obstacle to her business is a lack of management tools, including consistent inventory and financial tracking

Business Solution

The Business

Despite the challenges towards managing her venture, Maria has several opportunities to develop her business, both independently and with consultations from Global Business Brigades. As a member of the Canglon Community Bank, Maria has the option to apply for loans so that she can invest in a coop expansion and the necessary additional supplies. Additionally, chicken is in high demand from local shops and restaurants, and Maria has strong relationships with these clients.

Next Steps

Maria is interested in receiving consultations from Global Business Brigades volunteers to help with the following areas:

1: Develop a business plan
2: Create a bookkeeping system
3: Develop a marketing strategy

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