Business Overview

Mrs. Lauriana Gonzalez began raising pigs in Canglon after moving to the community from Chitre 9 years ago. She has found the high demand of pork to propel her into a successful market, and hopes to develop her business capacity to take advantage of that demand.

Gonzalez Pork Venture - Canglon, Panama

Economic Challenge

Prior to moving to Canglon, Lauriana Gonzalez managed a restaurant, giving her great exposure to the supply-chain of bringing quality animal products to the table. Now, she hopes to grow as a supplier of pork for local markets and restaurants, taking advantage of her community bank members to grow her business, and business brigades to work with her on developing organizational tools. Lauriana has already constructed her pen, which currently holds 6 pigs, though she does hope to expand her capacity in the future.

  • Business Owner(s): Lauriana Gonzalez
  • Date Established:  N/A
  • Community Members Involved:  3

Economic Challenge

  • Lauriana has no formal training on how to adequately track her expenses and sales
  • She has a limited supply of pork, due to her small pen

Business Solution

The Business

Despite her lack of formal business training, Laurina has done well to position herself to meet the demand of the local pork market, which is high. Operating the venture incurs few costs and limited labor, giving her plenty of time and space to develop her skills. As a Community Bank member, she has access to loans to possibly invest in a land expansion in order to increase her capacity.

Next Steps

Laurina is hoping to work with Global Business Brigades on the following areas:

1: Develop a business plan
2: Create a bookkeeping system
3: Apply for a loan for land expansion

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