Business Overview

Motivated by spoiling crops and excessive travel to process their corn, the members of Adansemaim donated community land and invested in a corn processing mill.

Corn Processing Mill - Ekumfi Adansemaim, Ghana

Economic Challenge

The community of Ekumfi Adansemaim had a working corn mill over four years ago but it broke down and was not reparable. Upon the mill breaking down, community members were constantly inconvenienced by being forced to travel going long distances to get their corn processed effecting their profit margin on what they were able to sell. This travel was not possible to do often and the wait normally led to the crop going bad.

Business Solution

The Business

In January 2013, the community agreed to give up a portion of community land for a corn mill project and put in all the necessary labor, sand and water necessary to build the structure to house the mill. The structure of the business comprises an executive committee of committed community members that runs the mill. People in specific positions overlook operational, financial and marketing tasks. All additional costs were taken as a loan from the Community Development Fund, which include other structural materials with an addition of the motor and the mill. The corn mill processing is doing great making a lot of profit to help with community projects.

Next Steps

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