Business Overview

Olivia Mona owns a roadside kiosk and is looking to improve her business as well as her farm where she grows plantains and raises chickens.

Kiosko Olivia - Curtí - Panama

Economic Challenge

Olivia Mona’s kiosk sits on the side of the Panamerican highway. Here travelers and community members in the surrounding area can stop to pick up basic items cooking ingredients, meats, household non-food items, cold sodas, candy, and pastries, and sugar. Olivia owns the kiosk, but runs it with the help of her daughter, Blanca. The store brings in approximately $150 in revenue each day. Food is delivered by a truck, and she stores it on shelves, in her refrigerator and in her freezer. Although Olivia and her daughter Blanca run the store, the family hangs out around the store during the day and whoever is there when a customer comes will serve them, which includes the children. Her husband owns approximately 300 plantain trees across the street and sells them with other produce in front of the kiosk, although the businesses are separate.

  • Business Owner(s): Olivia Mona
  • Date Established:  December 2016
  • Community Members Involved:  Olivia Mona, Porfirio Samana, Blanca (her daughter)

Economic Challenge

  • Although Olivia has already received some financial training, it is important for her family to further their knowledge and to check that everyone (both the children and Olivia) are recording their transactions correctly.

  • Stagnation in market outreach. They could be searching for more ways to grow.

  • Some of the inventory has been invaded by ants.

Business Solution

The Business

Olivia has already revitalized the sign for her kiosk with fresh, bright paint colors, but there is not much else advertising for the products she offers. She also has a strong supply of labor and interest from her family to improve their bookkeeping skills. She could improve her signage and also look to expand her offered products. One opportunity is that the food shipping company will accommodate requests to come as often as she requires and will bring a variety of products for her to consider expanding her selection.

Next Steps

1: Create more advertisements of products
2: Improve business administration and bookkeeping
3: Inventory management
4: Explore expanding inventory

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