Business Overview

Liena Kasparaite grew up  surrounded by a forest in a small village in Lithuania, where she acquired a deep love for nature. After living and working in other countries,  Liena  turned  her passion into her own  flower shop in Athens, Greece in 2008. Since then, she runs ‘Wild Flower’, her business, with a very strong vision, knowledge of the sector, craft skills and ecological consciousness. Now, she needs to  work on  increasing sales and regular clients and get an online presence to keep her store going and enable grow.

Wildflower - Athens, Greece

Economic Challenge

The shop is situated In Kypseli [ciˈpseli], an Athenian neighborhood that used to be very rich and “aristocratic”. In the 80’s, many residents of Kypseli moved to the suburbs of Athens and later immigrants started moving to this area, where the value of real estate decreased significantly. Today, Kypseli is seeing some revival but mostly as an area to go out and not so much as a commercial district. Liena is having trouble gathering regular clientele and sales that will allow for her store to survive and grow. Her main competitors are bigger stores in central Athens as well as florists offering their services online. 

The Business

Liena Kasparaite grew up in a small village in Lithuania, in the middle of a forest and that’s where her love for nature started growing. She proceeded with studying floriculture and working in various flower shops in Lithuania and Germany. She came to Greece in 2009 in search of a better life where she continued working in many flower shops.  In 2014 she started working in the current flower shop  as an employee. After the owner passed she decided to keep the business and turn it into her own, so in 2018, Liena managed to open her own flower shop in Athens, Greece. It’ s called “Wildflower” to highlight the true beauty of nature. The vision, ideas, perceptions and aesthetics of “Wildflower” are expressed in the plants it offers, the unique flower bouquets it makes, the distinctive style of its decorative objects, and even its packaging materials that promote ecological consciousness. All this in a beautiful space of just 20 square meters, where Liena’s love for nature, passion and dedication become instantly apparent.

Liena has managed to make her dream come true but from a business perspective, she needs support to overcome low sales volumes and high monthly expenses.

Competitive Advantage

  • Very strong vision, knowledge of the sector, and craft skills
  • Ecological consciousness


The three main challenges that Liena is currently facing are the following:

  1. Low sales, especially due to lack of regular clientele
  2. Large wastage of raw materials that reduces profit margins
  3. Lack of strong online presence and online sales

Business Snapshot

Year of establishment

Next Steps

The tasks thatWildflower has prioritized are:

1: Growth of annual revenue
2: Increase of regular clientele, attraction of business clients too
3: Improve and establish a strong marketing and online marketing strategy

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