Restaurante Yaremi - Curti-East Panama, Panamá

Economic Challenge

For the past five months, Panama has been under strict quarantine rules to avoid the increase of Covid-19 cases, which has tremendously affected the economy and small businesses. Now that everything is going slowly back to normal, all the micro-enterprises are looking for tools to survive in these new circumstances.

The Business

Librada had been living in the Darien region until recently when she decided to move to Curti. When she lived in Darien, Librada owned and ran a restaurant but due to moving and some health-related problems she had to deal with, she decided to stop working for a while. This past year was really hard for her because of the pandemic but the situation motivated her to push forward and start her restaurant business once again in the community of Curtí.

Librada has been running her new restaurant for fifteen days now, with the help of her niece who is her only employee. To start her restaurant again, she invested 2,000.00 USD and has a constant rest to pay for the local that is 60.00 USD per month. Her sales so far have been quite good, the prices going from 3.00 to 5.00 USD. 

Competitive Advantage

  • The restaurant has a great location, right next to the main street.
  • No direct competition


  • The current pandemic sanitary rules
  • New in the market/area
  • Lack of publicity.

Next Steps

The tasks thatRestaurante Yaremi has prioritized are:

1: Seek areas of improvement.
2: Develop a Marketing strategy
3: Develop a bookkeeping technique that suits her.

Page Last Updated:March 29, 2021