Business Overview

Joseph Mpanda left his home country in 2004, the Democratic Republic of Congo due to political reasons. After a while in Athens, he established his own small business in the heart of the city. His shop started operating in April 2018 in Kypseli neighborhood. His mini-market has food products and drinks from Congo and Greece, attracting clients from Congo and other African regions that reside in Athens.

Inter Mini Market - Joseph Mpanda

The Business

Joseph Mpanda left the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2004 due to political reasons. The situation was very dangerous and he decided to come to Greece seeking safety and a better future. Soon after he arrived in Greece, he met Clementine, a woman from DRC, and they got married. He is now the happy father of a child.

He established his own business “Inter Mini Market” in April 2018, where he sells food products, and drinks. The store is operating in the heart of Athens, the Kypseli area which is vibrant and multicultural. The majority of his products come from Congo through Belgium and are personally selected by Joseph. The rest of the products are Greek. This way he manages to attract clientele with or from a Congolese background and the broader African community that reside in the neighborhood and other areas of Athens.

Joseph used to work with his wife but lately, he hired two employees to reduce his workload. His next goal is to expand the storage capacity by purchasing a couple of refrigerators.

Competitive Advantage

  • Joseph’s competitive advantage is the offer of unique Congolese products. All of them are carefully selected and give his clients a taste of Africa.


The main challenge that Joseph is currently facing is:

  1. The competition with Super Markets and similar neighborhood shops

Business Snapshot

Year of Establishment

Next Steps

1: Buying additional equipment to increase the storage capacity

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