Business Overview

Guillermina is a mother and micro-entrepreneur. that lives in the community of Cañazas in Panama. She has been selling coconut chickens and eggs to help her family during the current situation caused by Covid-19.

Guillermina Vega Cruz - Cañazas- Tortí, Panamá

Economic Challenge

For the past five months, Panama has been under strict quarantine rules to avoid the increase of Covid-19 cases, which affected the economy and small businesses tremendously. Now that everything is going slowly back to normal, all the micro-enterprises are looking for tools to survive in these new circumstances. 

The Business

Guillermina lives in the community of Cañazas, located in eastern Panama. She lives with her husband and her older daughter and her husband. Her younger sister lives in Panama but now due to the pandemic, she is living in the community temporarily.

Her business is raising and selling chickens, she has about 50 chickens.  She also sells ​​the eggs and the roosters. This business has been active for two years now. She desires to grow her business.

Competitive Advantage

A lot of people within the community buy her eggs, it is the product she sells the most. The only issue is that not all her chickens produce eggs or sometimes it takes a month for them to produce again. 


  • The chickens meat doesn’t sell that much
  • There’s not a proper way to control spences
  • There’s constant loss due to sickness within the chickens or predators.

Next Steps

The tasks thatGuillermina Vega Cruz has prioritized are:

1: Develop a more substantial business structure
2: Develop a bookkeeping method.
3: Develop a business plan for the future.


1: Develop a business structure
2: Develop a book keeping method
3: Develop a business plan for the future

Page Last Updated:December 18, 2020