Business Overview

Moussa Sangare left his homeland as a result of the political crisis in 2012. Since then, he has been residing in Greece. Nowadays, he is the President of the migrant community of his home country in Greece and a Board Member of the Greek Forum of Refugees. By the end of 2020, Moussa started operating a business of his own called “Djammaba”. “Djammaba” is an African clothing store in the heart of Athens with unique products originating from his home country. Moussa aims to attract both locals and tourists by promoting diversity and bringing people together through clothing and culture.

Djammaba Apparel - Athens, Greece

The Business

Moussa Sangare left his homeland in 2012 after the political crisis that shook the country during that year. The situation was very difficult for him, and he decided to move to Greece to seek safety.

Following a long trip via Turkey and many challenges, Moussa managed to become the President of his community in Greece as well as a Board member of the Greek Forum of Refugees.

Moussa is an entrepreneur who opened his own business called “Djammaba” in October 2020. “Djammaba” is a unique apparel inspired by both traditional and modern African culture located in the heart of Athens.

His store includes clothing, footwear, and accessories, among others that come from his home country and have been personally selected by him. When visiting “Djammaba”, customers will find colorful, original designs of top quality.

Moussa’s vision is to promote diversity and bring people together by the means of clothing and culture. With his unique products, he aims to expand his clientele and attract both tourists and locals.

Competitive Advantage

At present, there are no major competitors in the broader Athens area. This makes “Djammaba” the exclusive destination for original design items sourced directly from his home country.

Business Snapshot

Year of Establishment

Next Steps

The tasks thatDjammaba Apparel has prioritized are:

1: Create a website/e-shop
2: Create and implement a concrete marketing and promotional plan
3: Expand the volume and range of products imported from Moussa’s homeland

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