Business Overview

Diana Jaqueline Mendieta is a member of the community bank of Canglón & has worked in the poultry business for over 10 years.

Jaqueline is a very proactive entrepreneur, dedicating herself to a wide set of economic activities to sustain her household with her husband. She produces about 100 chicken quarterly, when each chicken reaches in average 5-6 pounds (alive), sold by 1.50 USD to her clients.

Jaqueline’s poultry business market is mainly the community of Canglón, although people from neighboring communities come to her house often, where she sells her chickens.

Diana Jacqueline Mendieta's Chicken Farm - Canglon, Panama

Economic Challenge

The main economic challenge for Diana is the difficulty of increasing sales in the competitive marketplace. She also would like to reinforce her book-keeping skills.

The Business

Business Brigades can help Diana with her financial knowledge and literacy. She hopes to improve her book-keeping and learn strategies to grow her business.

Competitive Advantage

Diana has the advantage that she is the strongest competitor, as it was acknowledged by Canglon’s community bank members. MELO Corportation is a major Agricultural Business in the region, which is also a supplier for Jaqueline’s business.

Next Steps

The tasks thatDiana Jacqueline Mendieta's Chicken Farm has prioritized are:

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