Business Overview

Osurodion Osas was born in Nigeria and came to Greece in 2010 due to the poor political and economic circumstances in his country. Even though he encountered plenty of challenges at the beginning, he managed to set up his own business. Osas’ passion for fashion led him to open an apparel store in 2019 with clothes he designs himself. The location of his store and workshop is Athens’ city center and his main client focus is foreigners. His ambition is to expand his business clientele and be able to create a mass production of clothing.

Culture and Space - Osurodion Osas

The Business

Osurodion Osas was born in Nigeria, a country he left to flee the poor political and economic situation, and in pursuit of his dream of a more quality life. He arrived in Greece in 2010.

During his first years in Greece, he faced several integration difficulties that he worked very hard to overcome. He studied at the Athens Fashion School for 2 years, and then, started his own enterprise in 2019. Culture and Space – his apparel and workshop – has a variety of unique African clothing he designs and sews himself. It is located in downtown Athens where he attracts mostly foreigners.

Osas dreams of expanding his business and works hard to succeed. His vision includes recruiting another employee to help him with the current production, and, in the near future, the expansion of his production by including more unique clothes in different sizes and patterns.

Currently, Osas lives in Athens. He is married to a Greek woman, with whom he has a “very beautiful family”.

Competitive Advantage

Osas’ clothes are

  • unique,
  • handmade by himself, and
  • come in different traditional and modern patterns

Business Snapshot

Year of Establishment

Next Steps

The tasks that Culture and Space has prioritized are:

1: The recruitment of a new employee
2: In the distant future, mass production of clothes

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