Business Overview

Betzy is a mother and micro-entrepreneur. that lives in the community of Villa Darien in Panama. She has been running a small internet cafe to help her family during the current situation caused by Covid-19.

Bety Vega - Villa Darién-Darién, Panamá

Economic Challenge

For the past five months, Panama has been under strict quarantine rules to avoid the increase of Covid-19 cases, which affected the economy and small businesses tremendously.

The Business

Betzy has been living in the community of Villa Darien for 30 years, she lives with her husband, her two kids, and her dad.

For the past four years, Betzy has been running a mini internet cafe in her house. With just one computer she helps students and community members to do their homework and paperwork, as well as printing their educational material.

Competitive Advantage

Due to the current virtual environment, including school classes and different institutional procedures, her small business has been key to the community members


-She only has one laptop which limits the number of clients she is able to have each day.
-Doesn’t have a designated space in her house to establish her business.

Next Steps

The tasks thatBety Vega has prioritized are:

1.Develop a more substantial business structure
2.Learn a bookkeeping method
3.Find ways of improvement for her business.


1: Develop a business structure
2: Learn a bookkeeping method.
3: Find ways to improve her business

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