Business Overview

Abdul Mohamad was born in Syria and came to Greece in 1996 to seek a better and safer life. Regardless of the unstable economic and political situation in his country, Abdul managed to open a restaurant in a suburban neighborhood in Athens. In 2019 he opened an Arabic fast-food restaurant serving traditional Arabic dishes with a Greek twist. Even if Abdul is extremely hard-working, the wave of Covid-19 shrunk his business. His ambition is to attract again regular and foreign clients and make a name for his business.

Agia’s Falafel - Athens, Greece

The Business

Abdul Mohamad was born in Syria, a country he left to flee the unstable economic and political situation. He also wanted to pursue a quality life and build a family in a prosperous country. He came to Greece back in 1996.

In Greece, Abdul has established his life and created a family. His wife is a fellow refugee from Iran and together they raised their 4 children in Athens. Currently, they reside in a suburban neighborhood called Agia Paraskevi.

In 2019, he decided to open his Arabic fast-food restaurant in the neighborhood, which serves traditional recipes with a Greek “twist” and a falafel specialization. He strategically decided to open his store, “Agia’s Falafel”, near the American College of Greece – Deree which was a great opportunity for a good start.

Regardless of his passion and hard work, the business slowed down during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and is still difficult to maintain due to the lack of clientele and business exposure. Abdul’s vision is to expand his business’ clientele and exposure and make a name for his store.

Competitive Advantage

  • Abdul has the competitive advantage of offering falafel-oriented recipes while mixing two unique cuisines, Arabic and Greek. Additionally, the store’s location is nearby Deree College.

Business Snapshot

Year of Establishment

Next Steps

The tasks that Agia’s Falafel has prioritized are:

1: Develop a publicity and promotion plan
2: Add food delivery service
3: Hire more employees
4: Open a new store

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