David Amador

David Amador has spent most of his professional career in the financial sector in Honduras and Central America beginning with a role as Junior Executive officer in Bancahorro in 1994. By 1996 he became a Senior Executive with the most important portfolio loans in the bank, amounting to $ 85.5 million. In 2000 he was selected to work with the leadership group to management the fusion between the most important banks in Honduras. By 2002 David became the National Branch Manager for Group Promerica in Honduras, overseeing 10 branches with 250 employees under his leadership, between loans, savings, credit cards, and certificates of deposit. At the same time he managed two projects in the bank- implementation of  the electronic bank transactions via website and development of electronic checking accounts for the medium enterprises in Central America where Group Promerica had presence. in 2004, he receive the opportunity to work in the Central America Bank for Economic Integration, and organization considered the most prominent development bank in Central America where David managed  portfolio operations of $108.3 million in three years. In 2007 he moved to United States to live in Naperville, Illinois while his soon received special treatment for an illness. During this time, David worked for the Honduras Consulate in Chicago where he had the opportunity to assist many Honduran immigrants in the Unites States. David returned to Honduras for personal reasons in 2016 and began to worry about the communities in Honduras, thinking of ways to apply is skills and experience to improve lives. He found Global Brigades in March 2017 and joined the team as  Economic Development Director in Honduras.

David is a graduate from the National Autonomous University of Honduras in Business Administration, and also holds masters degrees in Business Administration and Financial Corporations. David plans to continue study to receive a doctorate degree in Economics and begin teaching in private universities in Honduras.