Business Overview

Khan Qasim and his brother Ahmadzai Noor were forced to leave Afghanistan in 2006 because of the civil war and other problems that existed at the time which made life impossible. In 2017 they decided to set up their own ethnic market in the center of Athens where most of the Afghan community lives.

Afghan Mini Market - Athens, Greece

Economic Challenge

His main challenge is the competition in the area and that there is no access to capital. Many stores in the area sell with minimum profit in order to gain clientele which decreases his business profits significantly.

Competitive Advantage

“Afghan Market” offers a great variety of products from all over Europe (Bulgarian, Italian, Romanian) and Asia ( Arabic, Iranian, Pakistani, Afghani).


Access to capital to purchase a vehicle for replenishment . Competition with minimum profit. 

Business Snapshot

Year of establishment
Annual Revenue

Next Steps

The tasks thatAfghan Mini Market has prioritized are:

1: Access to capital for vehicle purchase
2: Expand, increase variety of products
3: Marketing, advertising and social media promotion

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