Business Overview

Rabni Baiat was born and raised in Afghanistan. The political problems in his country forced him to flee. He came to Greece in 2008 as a political refugee and has been here ever since.

After working in various fields, in the beginning of 2017, he decided to use his savings to open the “Afghan Market”, where clients can find fresh fruits and vegetables, and Afghan and other ethnic products from Iran and Pakistan.

Afghan Market - Athens, Greece

Economic Challenge

His main challenge is the competition in the area and that there is no access to capital to grow and expand his business.

The Business

Rabni Baiat lives in Greece since 2008. His love for cultivating the earth took him all over Greece from strawberry & watermelon fields, to corn and potato plantations, giving him the opportunity to grow his knowledge on agriculture. In the beginning of 2017,after having raised enough money, he decided to use his savings to open the “Afghan Market”. The vision was to be able to combine fresh fruits and vegetables and to introduce Afghan and other ethnic products from Iran and Pakistan to people living in Athens.

Competitive Advantage

  • He delivers products to refugee camps around Athens twice a month without delivery costs. 
  • His soft skills and kindness has made him lovable to his customers.


The main obstacle the business faces due to lack of funds and knowledge of commercial law is that it is impossible to directly import products from Afghanistan, leading him to go through a German import company, which comes at a much higher cost.

Business Snapshot

Year of establishment

Next Steps

The tasks thatAfghan Market has prioritized are:

1: Legal & procedural information on how to directly import from Afghanistan
2: Expand, increase variety of products
3: Marketing, advertising and social media promotion

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